Pittsburgh, PA (January 3, 2018)—In early November 2017, PCG Capital moved the company headquarters to 11 Stanwix Street, formerly known as the Westinghouse Tower, in downtown Pittsburgh. Prior to the move, PCG Capital, along with its subsidiaries PCG Real Estate (PCGRE) and Pineapple Payments, was headquartered on Pittsburgh’s North Shore in the Northern Light Tower on Western Avenue.

“We’re growing in ways I could have only dreamed of,” PCG founder and Managing Partner Brian Shanahan explained. “It was clear that we needed more space and needed to be closer to the heart of Pittsburgh’s business center. 11 Stanwix was the perfect solution.”

In an interview with the Pittsburgh Business Times, Shanahan explained that the new downtown location is easily accessible for commuting from the North and South Hills and appeals to recruits as Pineapple Payments escalates hiring.

During the first quarter of 2018, Pineapple Payments and PCG Capital’s spaces will undergo a “huge retro-fit, even though it’s beautiful as is,” Shanahan stated. The remodels, being completed by Next Architecture, are slated to finish in April.

From it’s convenient location to the incredible walkability and a host of amenities, PCG’s new location ensures the company will be able to continue to scale across all subsidiaries.

“I wanted to have an amazing office and culture for our people,” Shanahan explained, “This move has made that a reality.”